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Update, and pondering a few topics to write on

Hi All,

Sorry it’s been a while since I’ve posted. Like most others, I have to work to pay the bills, so I’ve been quite busy. That being said, I do have a few upcoming entries. Most importantly, I will be uploading the third and final chapter of my personal story. I hope that’ll be live within 10 days, give or take.

I’ve also noticed on the Facebook Page a few requests for certain topics. One individual asked if I could write on how someone can/should properly deal with a loved one who has a mental illness. That’s a great and very important topic. I will definitely write on that. I have a few other broad topics in mind, such as the more recent piece I wrote on Irritability. Another topic is dealing with the loss of a loved one (human or animal) while maintaining positive mental health.

If you have any requests, feel free to email me.

Thank you all for the amazing support. Just by reading and sharing my story, as well as some of the other shorter entries I’ve written on. is already helping other people to feel less alone. So thank you, very much!

Wishing everyone a great holiday weekend and lots of positive energy,


PS- Photo of the sunset over Tel Aviv, taken from my patio 🙂



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