The Mental Mop

Mentally Woke. What about you?

Hugs, health, and free of charge

Fact: life is hard.

Fact: life is especially hard for people struggling with a mental illness.

Fact: the older we get the less nurturing we receive, and yet we secretly yearn for it, not only out of a psychological need but also a physiological one. Our minds and bodies crave to be positively nourished.

Fact: person-to-person physical contact reduces stress and can even boost self-esteem. Imagine what this can do for someone with depression or anxiety.


Best fact: hugs are free for everyone. Sharing and exchanging positive energy is absolutely free of charge; it costs you nothing, and look at what everyone gets in return.

So, get them and give them to friends and loved ones as often as possible. It’s the ultimate win-win.

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