The Mental Mop

Mentally Woke. What about you?

Dear society, please focus! It’s high time for acceptance

Those struggling with a mental illness – no matter what form it takes, no matter its intensity – do not often cause an issue for society, generally speaking. Rather, it is the unnecessary societal stigmas applied to mental health and often the incorrect understanding of mental illnesses, which are problematic. The lack of education in the general public, which keeps those stigmas alive, continue to erect obstacles that hinder better health and an overall better life for those with suffering from mental illness.

We, as a whole, must accept that mental illness is just as common and natural as physical illness. We must accept that one’s mental health is just as important as another’s physical health. Both ought to be entitled to the best care possible.

Once we accept these truths, those who suffer and struggle will find it easier to be open, to heal, and to be free, just as they deserve to be.


A.E. Stahl 2019

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