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Mentally Woke. What about you?

Mentally Woke. What about you?


Note: If you feel depressed, anxiety-ridden or worse, suicidal, please call an emergency service or call someone in your area for help immediately. 

This link above , only one of many, can help you find someone wherever you live. Remember, you must contact someone in your area and not look to this site for that sort of critical assistance, which I do not and cannot provide. *I am not a medical doctor or mental health professional* Rather, just like many of you, I am a survivor and mental health awareness warrior. And like many of you, I want to help increase knowledge and sensitivity about a topic that should not be shrouded in taboo. We must have open and honest conversations about mental health issues. Enough is enough. It’s high time to remove the pointless stigmas regarding mental health so that people can learn to accept, understand, and enjoy their lives, not hide from living.


About Me

My name is A.E. Stahl. I am the founder of The Mental Mop (TMM). I’m also a proud PhD, strategic thinker, business owner, publisher, satirist, and labrador lover. I also formerly struggled with a number of mental health issues including, among others, severe anxiety, major depression, agoraphobia, and alcoholism (but, similar to my former Gen X 90’s grunge-phase, I survived it all 🙃).

This blog is all about mental health, mental health awareness, and overall well-being. The site is a purposefully slow work-in-progress, so bear with me. I will update you as things progress. This blog will include inspirational and motivational quotes and sayings, interviews with both people living with mental health problems and mental health professionals, as well as music suggestions (absolutely key in my opinion to helping with mood), other people’s stories, and possible videos, and a lighthearted podcast.

In the meantime, be sure to follow TMM on Facebook and Instagram for updates and for sharing. I already thank you in advance for helping to support this exciting new project.




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